ULC Council

University Lutheran Church is governed by a Council of nine members, eight of whom are elected by the congregation.  There are 5 officers of the Council, in addition to 3 members at large and the pastor.  The Council meets monthly to establish the policy of the congregation, oversee the budget, and determine annual goals for ministry.  Each of the members of the Council is a liaison to at least one of the committees of the congregation so that there is a direct link between the Council and the committees.  The Council is responsible for appointing the chair of each of the committees, which are described below. 




How do University Lutheran Church members stay informed about all the great things going on within our community?  How do we help our neighbors in the U District and the greater Seattle metropolitan area find out about us and the things we think are important?  The Communications Committee publishes the weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter, and is responsible for the website/Facebook/Twitter content.  We place ads in various media, we submit media releases to advertise special events, and we brainstorm other creative ways to get our fundamental message – We Choose Love – out to the world.


At University Lutheran, we believe nurturing our faith journey is a life-long endeavor.  The Education Committee provides rich and varied opportunities in encouraging us to deepen our understanding of Christianity and our personal faith.  On Sundays, the Education Hour offers exciting learning and discussion opportunities for all.  Children, middle schoolers and high school students participate in their Christian education, through both classroom learning and community service.  The Adult Forum provides speakers and discussions covering a wide range of topics and current events, and the hour goes by much too fast.


Good stewardship of all of our resources is important to University Lutheran Church.  The Finance Committee is instrumental in making sure our finances are in working order, and facilitates the budget process every year to maintain the financial viability of the congregation.

Justice and Peace

We Choose Love is the guiding tenant of our community, and this attitude is magnified and reflected to the world at large by our Justice and Peace Committee.  How do we give witness to this Word?  We offer space for several ministries for homeless people, we serve meals to homeless individuals, we find and act upon ways to care for the earth, we conduct letter-writing campaigns to elected officials, we participate in the Pride Parade, and we encourage members to advocate on behalf of those who are most vulnerable in our society.


Welcoming guests and visitors into our midst, creating opportunities for new members to feel rooted in our faith community, and reaching out to members we may not have seen in awhile – our Membership Committee facilitates all these important aspects of the care and nurturing of our community.


Our staff is the backbone of our corporate body.  The Personnel Committee ensures not only that our invaluable staff receives fair and just wages and compensation, but also that they remain nurtured and empowered to carry out and facilitate the vital work of our congregation.


How we care for our surroundings reflects how we care for each other.  We work hard to maintain our church grounds and facilities for our church community, our tenants, and the surrounding neighborhood.  We have a stalwart Monday Morning Maintenance team that faithfully comes every week to attend to minor repairs, painting, and general maintenance needs.  In addition to these weekly maintenance activities, our Church Administrator works with the Property Committee to orchestrate and supervise all scheduled maintenance for the building and grounds.


Tithing is a time-honored church tradition, and is a member's opportunity to put their money where their mouth is.  All ULC members contribute to the financial welfare of our congregation.  Each year the Stewardship Committee leads the drive to enable us to quantify our time, talent and treasure investment in our faith community.  It's an important aspect of being a member of the congregation, and this financial pledge allows ULC to support the mission and ministries that are fundamental to our beliefs.

Worship & Arts

Our church services are celebrations of song and prayer to feed the soul and nourish the spirit.  From the songs that we sing and the prayers we offer to the bread and wine served for communion to the altar vestments and banners representing the church seasons… All of these aspects of a church service are organized and implemented by the Worship & Arts Committee.  The Altar Guild, choir and music staff, and the Pastor all work together to create a vibrant and meaningful experience for all.

Youth & Young Adults

This newly-formed committee recognizes the importance of youth and Young Adults in our community by making sure that there are opportunities for fellowship, education, service, and worship.  Also, this committee oversees the annual mission trips, the trips to Ailanga Lutheran Junior Seminary in Ailanga, Tanzania, and the participation in the ELCA National Youth Gathering every third year.  The Young Adults are involved in service projects, and several fellowship opportunites such as a monthly lunch after worship and Trivia Nights.