Every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. we have both an Adult Forum and a Bible Study.


In the month of October, we will be introduced to Sister Joan Chittister, an outspoken woman in the Catholic Church about the radical call to discipleship and the right of women to be leaders in the Church.  In preparation for this video series, participants will be introduced to “The Untold Stories of Biblical Women” on Sunday, October 5.  Many women throughout the Bible have played significant roles in the proclamation and demonstration of God’s realm in the world.  Their stories are seldom known because the more popular and magnificent stories of the Bible often take precedence.  At this session, we will hear about some of these women and listen to their stories of faith and courage in the context of a patriarchal society.

October 12, we will view a video of Sister Joan Chittister, “A Choice between Impossibles: The Search for a Radical Christian Life.” 

October 19, the title of the video for this Sunday is “God’s Will and Women: American Women and the Women of the World.”  In this video, Sister Chittister describes many of the atrocities that are happening to women in the world, and makes a comparison to how women are being treated in the United States.  

October 26, Sister Chittister will speak about the virtue of “Compassion” as a way of responding to the needs of women in the world. 

On November 2, the final segment of this video series will be shown as Sister Chittister addresses the topic of “Diversity.”  Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of these provocative presentations and discussions.

BIBLE STUDY, Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m.

Beginning in October, the Sunday morning Bible study will experiment with a different format.  In response to some of your requests, we will read and discuss a current book of biblical scholarship.  The book for October will be The Power of Parable: How Fiction By Jesus Became Fiction About Jesus by John Dominic Crossan.  In order to give everyone time to read the book, we will meet only once a month, on the fourth Sunday of the month.  The book is readily available both online and in brick-and-mortar stores to meet your preference, but if you need help obtaining it please contact Dustin Hamren.