When a child is baptized at ULC, the congregation is asked to care for the child, teach the child the Word of God, and guide the child in being a faithful witness of the love of God.  Given this commitment, children at ULC are encouraged to participate in worship where they can listen to a children’s message and share in Holy Communion.  The children also participate in Sunday School classes throughout the school year (September through early June).  There are classes for pre-kindergarten and for elementary school children.  At least twice a year, they spend time tending the church garden as part of our commitment to being a Greening Congregation.  On Children's Sabbath, the children take an active role in leading the worship service for the congregation.  At other times throughout the year, the children participate in an Advent Fair, present a Christmas pageant, participate in the Walk with the Magi, and play a part in the Palm Sunday drama.