Liturgy is the format or outline of our worship service that guides us in the way that we worship together.  Whatever the style of our liturgy, we can count on four main parts to our worship: Gathering, Hearing the Word, Sharing Holy Communion, and Sending.  We use liturgies that are participatory and celebratory, and involve many worship leaders in verbal and musical capacities. 

Lutheran Book of Worship – 

    During our festival seasons, we have the option of using one of three traditional liturgies of the LBW that connect our congregation with Lutheran churches throughout the world.

With One Voice –

     This hymnal offers two liturgies that draw upon the more traditional liturgies of the Lutheran Church, but are sung to music that is more light and contemporary.

Now the Feast and Celebration –

     This liturgy is written and composed by Marty Haugen and concentrates on the celebration of Holy Communion as the feast that unites us as one people in Christ.

One World Rising –

      This liturgy was developed by Vicki Thomas, a former Minister of Music at ULC, and uses songs from around the world to emphasize the global extent of the Christian Church.

Holden Village Liturgy –

      This liturgy was developed by Marty Haugen as a Vesper Service for evening prayer, and is adapted for morning worship, including the celebration of Holy Communion.

African Liturgy –

     This liturgy utilizes songs from Africa to keep us in touch with our sisters and brothers in Africa with whom we share a common worship and celebrate Holy Communion.

African-American Spiritual Liturgy –

     Drawing upon many of the “spirituals” of the past century, this liturgy reflects the anguish and hope of a people who were captive, but now have been set free.

Latino Liturgy –

     Latino songs are used for each part of the liturgy to create the sense of joyous community that often is indicative of the Hispanic people.

Taize Liturgy –

    This liturgy draws upon the songs of Taize from the Taize community in France.

Contemporary Liturgy –

     This liturgy is led by a band and uses many popular Christian songs for the Song of Praise, the Psalm, the Gospel Response, the Offertory, and the Post Communion Song.

Seasons of Creation Liturgy  –

     This series of liturgies comes out of the Christian Church in Australia and draws upon different features of creation—mountains, rivers, fauna, fish, forests, sun, etc.

Children’s Sabbath Liturgy –

     This liturgy involves the children of the congregation, concentrates on the plight of children throughout the world, and celebrates their importance in the community of faith.