The youth at University Lutheran Church have found a home in this community of faith where they participate in leading worship, learning more about their religious roots, addressing the challenges of their lives, playing games, and serving people who are in need of compassionate care.  The youth meet weekly on Sunday mornings for Bible study and topical discussions.  They gather at least monthly for fellowship events, the most popular being a quarterly overnight lock-in at the church.  Pizza is always a staple, along with the healthy discussions that build a sense of community among the youth.  The youth also serve as role models and mentors for the younger children in the congregation.

Each summer, the youth travel to Eastern Washington where they connect with the Hispanic and Native American communities and learn about these cultures of our region.  Every other summer, the youth have an opportunity to travel with a delegation to Tanzania, Africa where they meet with students at the Ailanga Lutheran Junior Seminary as well as religious leaders throughout the Meru Diocese.  Every third summer, the youth participate in the National ELCA Youth Gathering which usually takes place in the southern part of the United States.

Upcoming Events

  • October 25: Youth Lock-Out


Upcoming Event Details

Youth Lockout

All Youth are invited to the first Lockout of the year coming up on Saturday, October 25.  A lock-out is much like the lock-ins we used to have, but just a little different.  Rather than meeting at the church and spending all night inside playing games, watching movies, and hanging out, we will be traveling outside the church.  We will gather on Saturday evening and continue on to some organized activities throughout the night.  We could go bowling, see a movie, grab some food, or any number of other fun things around Seattle.  After an evening of fun we will return to the church to resume our gathering in traditional lock-in fashion.

This is a great opportunity to bring friends to church in a fun, stress free environment.  There will be a small cost associated with the evening, depending on the activities we do.  It will be around $20-$30, so nothing big.  If there are questions or you would like to RSVP, please contact Dustin.



Summer Activities Report

This summer the youth were once again blessed with the opportunity to venture to the Campbell Farm for a week of Mission work.  The Campbell farm is a mission site in Wapato, Washington that serves both youth groups from around the country as well as the local children.  We were glad to send a group this July consisting of 7 youth and 2 adult chaperones.  This was a week long mission experience involving working on the farm doing chores, spending time doing group and individual devotions, and serving at a number of mission sites around the area.

A typical day on the farm starts with early morning chores (most everyone’s least favorite part of the day).  We follow breakfast with devotions and Bible Study.  From there we go off to our mission site.  We had a few different mission sites in order to get a good mix of experiences and to see the many needs of the community.  We spent one day working with the local children at the farm’s day camp.  We also sorted food at the Northwest Harvest in Yakima, painted at the Union Gospel Mission, and handed out food at a local food bank. 

We also had a few fun activities and group games during the week.  We had the pleasure of sharing the farm with another group from the community.  We were able to do some joint trips and enjoyed getting to know them.  One of the more memorable events was being able to float the Yakima River. 

We’d like to thank the congregation for supporting us throughout the year, it really helps us to have these great, memorable experiences together.  Special thanks to Hattie Branch for helping to chaperone this trip, even though she had never been on a mission trip before!  Thank you so much!  Below are some pictures from our trip.

CF2014 Friendship Bracelets CF2014 Northwest Harvest CF2014 Food Bank CF2014 Yakima CF2014 Painting